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    She stood up, her back and bottom sore, and stepped into the aisle.

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    So I just realized that MS gimped (I should say cheated) windows phone update by putting out placebo updates that the carriers must accept. Word on the street is a carrier can only hold back one update and must release that update when another update is available, so putting out the placebo a few weeks before forces carriers to accept the actual update on MS’s schedule. Clever. Example “A” could happen as soon as Monday. Of course this won’t work going forward but with the first two “updates” I think Microsoft created a little c o n spiracy to get around the cellular carriers dragging their feet.

    Random Thoughts after a Holiday Weekend

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  • If you had any idea the restraint I was using right now, not to take you back to my bed and make love to you again, you wouldn t doubt my feelings for you ever again. Not only that, she allowed herself to be free and trusting toward him and he hadn t influenced her thoughts at all.
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  • His eyes went from searching her mass of soft curls for another pin to her emerald gaze as her thoughts came through to him. I can t just give it up like that Lucas, even for you.

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  • Fortunately, being isolated from others made it easy to run around in the nude.
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  • He knew it would bring her back to him, so he let her deal with it on her own.

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    • What has happened to America? (Not really a random thought but the first thing on my mind today). This nation is on the path to self destruction and it seems Americans cannot stop arguing about who is driving. Both parties are like drunk drivers who on a cross country trip each take turns at the wheel. They are both dangerous and just because one has not driven in a while does not make them the safer choice behind the wheel. With that said, having one drive and the other give directions does seem like a better idea than the what we currently have running the country.
    • Just over 48 hours before the NFL season kicks off and I predict my lovely Redskins will finish 7-9. I would like to be more optimistic but it is about time to temper my expectations after years of dismal performances.
    • Back to politics, does our President understand that we are tired of the government trying to control everything? Does he understand that continually spending our money on projects that benefit very few causes more frustration than it solves? Why does it take a failed economy to improve infrastructure? I am not an economist but I would think infrastructure is something you build or invest in when you have capital to spend not the other way around.
    • When did questioning one’s beliefs become a bad thing in this country? If I understand this correctly, it was okay to accuse the former President of being complicit in allowing 3,000 Americans to die on 9/11 because it was a “inside job” but questioning our current President’s faith shows one’s ignorance? More on this one in a few…
    • Cannot wait for Windows Phone 7 to be released. I might be in the minority here but Apple, Android, and Blackberry phones do not appeal to me. At least Apple and Android are decent phones but I cannot understand the consumer desire for a Blackberry (I do see the corporate advantages however). More on this in a few as well…
    • Finally, why does a rally in D.C. that focuses solely on faith draw so little media coverage about its message? Pure speculation here but if a rally for global warming had the same type of turnout, the media would inflate the numbers, spend hours highlighting the message of the rally, and would probably not spend much time trying to figure out the “hidden agenda” of the rally. What ever happened to honest journalism in this country? (Side note: I think the idea of honest journalism is a figment of our collective imagination and while there have been and still are honest journalists, the industry on the whole has and still is a propaganda machine).

    More insight on our economy:

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  • If you really want to play it safe, you d burn it.
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    For someone who usually knows how to handle just about anything, I m at a loss when it comes to you. What if someone isn t going to be born because of me?

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  • Just saw this here on Now to add my scholarly two cents that I did not see mentioned in the article: cut spending and stop finding new things to tax. Period. Bernanke actually mentions in the article that the Fed may need to do things in order to get people to spend money again. Are you out of your mind? With double digit unemployment, new financial regulations, healthcare reform, and a mortgage industry still out of control why would anyone be dumb enough to suggest that businesses and consumers need to have the ability to borrow more money so they can spend more money? Is that not how we ended up here in the first place by spending what we did not have?

    I think I make a good bit of sense in the second sentence above, try reading it again if you are sitting there thinking things like “Bernanke has a cool beard, he must know about the free market” or “a shiny dome like his is a sure sign of intelligence”. Yeah I went there and no it does not make my argument any less valid. We must cut spending, encourage thrift, and stop regulating ourselves into obscurity in the marketplace. Get the government out of the way and let the free market figure out a way to produce again. Artificially propping up the market is only going to make the eventual letdown all the more catastrophic when that day inevitably comes.

    Now if only I could borrow a few bucks to buy a six pack for my mock BeerGate I will now have to throw for my previous comments about Bernanke’s dome.

    And now a quick thought about our economy:

    We are screwed.

    BeerGate part duh…

    So almost a year after the first BeerGate, our President is back to condemning others’ behavior without knowing all the facts. Much like the incident a year ago where the President quipped that Sgt. Crowley acted “stupidly” and then had to backtrack by using our tax dollars to buy the next round, the President once again jumped the gun by calling for Shirley Sherrod’s head after perceived racist remarks. Unfortunately for the President Sherrod is not a racist and when her comments were taken in context they tell a much different story. But you probably know that already because it is a story that has been running all over the news for the last week with the big announcement today that the USDA will off Sherrod her job back (which is the least they can do btw).

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    Tomorrow would be the beginning of the rest of his life. Charlotte sat up, blinking dazedly, her long, blond hair drooping into her face.
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    Jack gloated, I knew you would try to protect him.

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  • They get up with the sun and work until sunset. Lucas sighed and looked out the window, Let s hope the rest of the week goes this well.
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  • She refused to have sex in the barn at least for her first time.
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  • He snarled out the last bit as he pulled out his cell phone and shoved his other hand into his pants pocket in frustration while his searing eyes remained on Lucas .
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    First things first, doesn’t Sherrod at least deserve a beer with the President after he added fuel to the fire? Maybe not on second thought because we cannot afford to buy a beer for everyone our President has managed to offend or paint in a negative light. There would be a lot of people out there clinging to their Bibles and guns that would be owed a drink for example. Secondly, why the rush to judgment on Sherrod’s employer’s part? Didn’t she at least deserve a chance to explain her side of the story, which incidentally would have only taken 43 minutes?

    What really irks me about this situation is the fact that the White House has issued an apology to Sherrod (link here). Really? Where was the apology a year ago to a white cop the President basically accused of being a racist? Crowley is not a racist nor is Sherrod but only one gets a quick apology from the President while the other has to take part in some sort of strange teaching lesson on the White House lawn? Inexcusable for our Commander-in-Chief to continue to act this way. Neither situation required nor deserved Presidential input especially when that input was completely misguided. Our President should act Presidential and keep his distance from these types of incidents in the future.

    Now that I am all out of sorts when do I get my invite for my free beer at BeerGate XV?

    Update: So now the President has called Sherrod directly to apologize and I sure hope it was a collect call. Michelle Malkin has more here.

    One last thing today…Megyn Kelly

    I forgot to mention in the post that was too long my new crush on Megyn Kelly. My wife is just going to have to understand that Megyn is now on the list. (Most people are allowed maybe 5 people on the list right? Only Heidi Klum has been on mine for years so adding a second can’t be that bad or am I sleeping on the couch again tonight?) After seeing this story and clip over at Michelle Malkin’s site, welcome to number 2 Megyn.

    Speaking of sweatpants…

    Chicago is apparently floating the idea of taxing soft drinks to try to discourage people from drinking them. You can read the story here. Why tax it though? If soft drinks really are so bad then why not just ban them? Is it because you want the tax revenue and you are only feigning concern for childhood obesity? Ding ding ding, we have a winner. This crap turns my stomach and makes me want to hurl on the socialist mindset. Much like the tax on cigarettes, if a product is truly horrible ban it. Instead we will create government programs from the tax revenue which will then require people to continue buying the product to support the program. (See example A: SCHIP). In the end, nothing is accomplished other than more taxes levied against hard working Americans. We must stop this type of ludicrous behavior from our politicians in Chicago and elsewhere or before you know it they will even start trying to sell us seats in the Senate.

    We really are losing our minds or the I’m the one whose lost it post

    Where to start? Oh I know, how about we start with the nut job green movement. I have been in an ongoing debate with my wife’s German cousin over green related stuff lately and am at the point of wanting to bang my head into a wall to make the crazy stop. His latest trick is to sensationalize everything he says and then back it down a notch when confronted. Hmmm, I’m guessing he learned that somewhere…oh, his fearless leader $500 massage man Gore. It is extremely frustrating when a family member has not only drunk the kool-aid, they are now gleefully mixing up new batches to serve to the feeble minded.

    Speaking of green related crap, the piece written over the weekend for the Washington Post by Stan Cox titled “In the heat wave, the case against air conditioning” clogged the toilet. Mr. Cox actually argues in the article that the reason we need air conditioning is because we use air conditioning. Huh? Following this disjointed logic would lead one to ask why was air conditioning invented then in the first place? Oh I know, I know!!! Because the Earth has experienced fevers long before the con of global warming started so someone decided “what if we make a device that spits out cool air to make life more comfortable”? Presto: the air conditioner is born. Too simple for you? Doesn’t make sense since clearly air conditioning is causing the Earth to warm? Is this my German cousin reading this?

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  • There are thousands of Linda s in the world, but only one of you.

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  • The doctor needs to make sure you don t come down with an infection. Some men just had the luck of the draw, he guessed.

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  • From, Taliban hang 7-year-old boy accused of being a spy, suicide bomber kills 40 at Afghanistan wedding:

    Twisted Taliban militants took terror to a new low by accusing a 7-year-old boy of spying – and hanging him high.

    It is hard to imagine anything more extreme than intentionally targeting children and murdering them. What will it take to stop this type of bully behavior? Our current president spends his time codling savages such as this instead of having the balls to stand up for the truly innocent in the world. Want to kick some ass Barry? Here’s your chance, find the cowards that did this and send them to that virgin party asap. I know environmental disasters are much more important than human life, so please hurry back down to the Gulf Coast again so you can touch the sand and look presidential. 

    Time to Reboot

    As Americans, as citizens, we have the duty to stand up and defend our Constitution. We have the same obligation to our country that soldiers do when they swear an oath to defend this great nation from enemies both foreign and domestic ( History, our history, is rich with patriotism, rich with sacrifice, both from soldiers fighting on distant shores to everyday citizens pitching in what they can to support such efforts. From the birth of this nation to that dark day in September a decade ago, Americans have always united to defend ourselves from external threats and many have paid the ultimate sacrifice to do so. So why do we sit idly by as our nation is being ripped apart from within its own borders? We have a right, a duty, to defend this grand experiment from domestic enemies yet we do nothing to stop the usurping of Constitutional power from the citizens and states that are the bedrock of this Republic. This nation needs a reboot or better yet a fresh install of the Constitution, back to the original intentions that brought together thirteen separate and sovereign States.

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